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VOICE OVER ONLINE (Unlock the Power of Your Voice)

Join Voice Over Artist Kiff VandenHeuvel (Young Rock, Family Guy, Batman, Spiderman...) from Los Angeles for this exciting class. 

"Unlock the Power of Your Voice"

Discover the art of voice acting in our dynamic and interactive class designed for beginners and professionals alike. Kiff will teach you everything you need to know to bring scripts to life and captivate audiences with your voice.

Throughout the class, you'll learn essential techniques for voice modulation, character development, script analysis, and performance delivery. From animated characters to commercial narrations, we'll explore a range of genres and styles, allowing you to develop versatility and confidence in your craft.

Whether you dream of voicing beloved animated characters, lending your voice to commercials, or narrating audiobooks, this class will provide you with the skills and knowledge to pursue your passion in the exciting world of voice acting.

Join us and unleash the full potential of your voice!"

Starts 7/8 for 7 weeks. 7-9:30 PM (EST)


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