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Feb 28-April 10th 7PM EST-9:30 PM

The Lee Strasberg Acting Technique is a renowned and influential method of acting that has shaped the craft for decades. Strasberg's acting technique classes and how they can benefit aspiring actors.
Method Acting One of the central pillars of Lee Strasberg's technique is method acting. This approach encourages actors to draw from their own memories and emotions to connect with their characters on a deep, personal level. By tapping into their own experiences, actors can bring a heightened sense of truth and realism to their performances. 
Lee Strasberg's Acting Technique Classes offer aspiring actors a comprehensive and holistic approach to the craft of acting. By focusing on method acting, emotional and sense memory, character analysis, improvisation, and scene study, actors can develop the skills and techniques necessary to create authentic and compelling performances. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced actor, Lee Strasberg's technique offers valuable tools and insights to enhance your craft and take your acting to the next level.
Price $350.00 

Have you ever been told that your voice sounds like it should be on the radio, movies or tv? Well join voice over veteran Kiff Vanden Hueval (Family Guy,  Star Wars,  Batman) for this fun and fast paced class.  Voice Over can help discover skills you may already have, and develop other skills necessary to pursue the voice over business. Through the use of professional scripts and training, learn how to interpret the message you are giving voice to. You'll receive constructive feedback from someone who has been in the business for over 30 years, recording voice for commercials, industrial films and audio books. As an introductory course we will emphasize your natural talent when finding your voice. No experience necessary. 
Price $350

Join Casting Director Janet Pound (Grand Torino, HBO's Hung, Detroiters) for this informative yet interactive class. Students will learn the in and outs of the business as well as working on their auditioning skills.  Janet's book Advice From A Casting Director has sold many copies and is available at Amazon or other outlets.  This class is great for actors of all levels from the beginner to the advanced.
Price $350

Join actor Antoine Mckay (Uncle Spike on Paramount's South Side, Bunkie Williams on EMPIRE, Gregory Gordon on Amazon's Patriot) for this fun and very interactive improv class. Our improv class introduces students to fundamental concepts of improv like “Yes, And.” and "Do Not Deny. Through  exercises and games, students will rehearse spontaneity, listening, staying in the now, building fun and creative characters plus other tools of improvisation. Great class for anyone!
price $350

Join actor Rich Goteri (former Artistic Director of the famed Second City) for this fun acting 7 week class. Here, you develop the ability to respond truthfully, dynamically, and vividly with fellow actors and the ability to access sensory elements. You tap into the power of imagination and the reservoir of memory. You gain a working understanding of the terms: prior life, Character, inner and outer objects, objectives, obstacles, and conflicts. You develop an awareness of the power, function, and dynamics of “place”, and learn to be in a state of discovery, which leads to actions. You develop tools of research and observation and you get comfortable improvising. All students will work with monologues and scripts.
Price 350

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